תאגיד מי רעננה

Mei Raanana is a proprietary limited company that operates as a water and sewage corporation that was established and is owned by the Municipality of Raanana.  The company was established on 9.11.08 by virtue of the Water and Sewage Corporations Law of 2001, in order to provide water supply and sewage disposal services in the city of Raanana.  Mei Raanana Water Company was incorporated as a private company and began operations on 1.10.09.

Our Main Goals

  • Supplying reliable high quality water services, while ensuring the quality and quantity of the water.
  • Disposal of the city’s sewage, transferring it to the Wastewater Treatment Center and transforming it into treated wastewater to be used for irrigation.
  • Regular maintenance and upgrading of the water and sewage systems.
  • Professional and efficient management of the municipal water and sewage system, with an emphasis on upgrading and improving the infrastructure and reducing the rates of non-revenue water (N.R.W.) and collection depreciation  in the municipal sector.
  • Designating revenues for investment in infrastructure.
  • Developing water and sewage infrastructure in the new neighborhoods currently under construction in the city and that will be built in the future.
  • Organization and preparedness for supplying water and disposal of sewage in states of emergency.

5 International Quality Standard Certifications and Platinum Standard

  • The ISO 9001:2008 Management System Standard
  • The OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • The ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management System
  • The ISO 50001 - Energy Management System 
  • The ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System    

 We manage and safeguard the water sources of the city of Raanana and its environs in order to ensure that residents and future generations enjoy high quality healthy water.



We manage and maintain the city’s water supply network

  • We ensure the supply of high quality water in the required amount, while safeguarding the integrity of the water supply.
  • We ensure economical, coordinated and intelligent operation of the city’s water facilities.
  • We monitor the water pressure data in the field, in order to increase the control over the water supply network, in routine and emergency situations.

We manage and regulate Raanana’s sewage system

  • Providing efficient, economical and sanitary disposal of the consumers’ sewage.
  • Treating the municipal sewage at the Wastewater Treatment Center.
  • Producing excellent treated wastewater for unlimited irrigation.
  • Maximal recycling of the treated wastewater and sludge for the benefit of agriculture and industry.

We ensure water conservation and efficiency

  • Upgrading the remote water meter reading system and operation of smart system for identification of water leaks.
  • Sending water leak alerts to residents.
  • Maintaining low rates of non-revenue water.
  • Utilizing and introducing state-of-the-art sophisticated technologies to improve infrastructure, streamline and conserve resources.

We plan the municipal water system

  • Responsibility for preparing plans for development of the water and sewage system - including infrastructure, laying pipes, drilling and pumping facilities, water treatment, etc., based on the forecasted population growth and the regular maintenance needs of the water facilities.
  • Preparing master plans based on outline plans, plans for infrastructure development and upgrading existing infrastructure.
  • Submitting plans for authorization of the Commissioner of Water Corporations at the Israel Water Authority and the institutions that are certified to implement them.
  • Preparing surveys of findings regarding the water and sewage systems,         connections, facilities, wells, etc., data related to consumption and malfunctions and surveys of the maintenance condition of the various systems.

We promote environmental education and awareness

  • Promoting awareness regarding water conservation in the community.
  • Finding new solutions to existing problems.
  • Protecting the environment, natural resources and the landscape.

Focused on the Resident - Service and Community Relations

  • Ensuring a speedy and courteous response to every inquiry.
  • Developing the human resources and continuously improving the work processes in order to enhance the service to the resident.
  • Strengthening the relationship with the community through activity in the field of education and information provided to Raanana’s children and adolescents.