Sometimes private water systems are connected to the water network, which may lead to the penetration of pollutants into the municipal water system, in the event that sub-pressure is created that leads to backflow.  These systems are common in agriculture, private gardening and occasionally in industry.  Industrial plants sometimes use pollutants that are prohibited from penetrating the municipal water system.  Systems that connect liquid fertilization tanks through the water system and through private irrigation may also enable the backflow of water into the faucet and its penetration into the public system.  


Many gardeners connect the automatic fertilization systems in your homes to the water system, both on rooftop gardens or in your backyards.  Anywhere that there is a suspected backflow of water from fertilization systems, it is mandatory to a device to prevent such penetration.  Backflow preventers are devices that prevent the backflow of water into the municipal water supply network, and must be installed according to the Public Health Regulations’ requirement for backflow preventers.  This is a sophisticated device that prevents water from flowing backward, and it is built in a very sophisticated manner to ensure its operation when necessary.  


Mei Raanana conducts regular tests and maintenance of the backflow preventers of its own initiative.


In the fields of industry and agriculture, we work to enforce the installation of backflow prevention devices in collaboration with Ministry of Health and the Municipal Business Licensing Department, as well as the regular monitoring of their maintenance.  However, Mei Raanana is not aware of all the fertilization systems installed by you in your private homes.  This is the responsibility is yours as Raanana residents.  We are pleased to offer you assistance with any question regarding this subject. 


In homes with gardens in which fertilization tanks are installed, it is mandatory to install a backflow prevention device by an authorized technician.  An annual test of the integrity of this device must be conducted by an authorized technician, and you must definitely not drink water from your garden hose.  We ask each and every Raanana resident who fertilizes his garden through a private water system:  Assume responsibility for this issue!  Become our partners and ensure that the devices are installed by an authorized technician.  Additional information may be found on the Ministry of Health’s website regarding authorized installers and technicians.


Please note:  Every backflow prevention device installed in a business or home requires an annual inspection and report sent to the Ministry of Health and the water supplier. 



Installing Backflow Prevention Devices


A device that prevents backflow, which in turn prevent contamination of the water in the municipal network.  The infiltration of contaminants into the water system harms the water quality and may be detrimental to public health.


The Ministry of Health requires the installation of backflow prevention devices behind the water meter and at the top of the water supply system, by a certified installer, as set down in the Public Health Regulations (Installation of a Backflow Preventer Device) 1991 (link to regulations).


Where is the installation of a backflow prevention device required?

  • Gardens - in fertilization systems using the water system
  • Private and public pools
  • Laboratories
  • Gas stations
  • Carwash Stations
  • Printing Houses
  • Manufacturing and metal processing plants
  • Any business that uses water for production


Mei Raanana Water Company works tirelessly to ensure that backflow prevention devices are installed at all these businesses in order to protect the environment.


Some important information regarding the installation of backflow prevention devices at Raanana’s businesses:


  • The municipal businesses in which the backflow prevention devices are installed are required to conduct an annual inspection of the device by certified installer/technician and to send the results to the Mei Raanana Water Company and the Ministry of Health.
  • The owner of a business required to install a backflow preventer must immediately conduct everything required of him, based on the findings of the annual inspection.
  • At any reasonable time,  the Mei Raanana Water Company  is entitled to enter any business, at which a backflow prevention device is installed or which is required to install such a device, to check if the device has been installed and that it is in proper working order.
  • At the time of submitting a request for a business license or a license renewal, the business owner shall submit an authorization from a certified technician/ installer that the backflow prevention device has been installed and checked according to the regulations. 
  • The Mei Raanana Water Company is entitled to cut off water supply to a business and/or take any other action according to the law, against a business owner who did not act according to the aforesaid instructions.
  • A request for an exemption from installing a backflow prevention device may be submitted to the Ministry of Health: Backflow Prevention Device Exemption Form 2014.


Business owners interested in receiving information regarding a backflow prevention device may contact us in one of the following ways:


Telephone Call Center for Clarifications:   1-801-227227, toll free from landlines only.  Sun. - Thurs. from 8:00 to 22:00.  Fridays and holiday eves from 8:00 to 12:00.

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To receive additional important information regarding the installation of backflow prevention devices, visit the Ministry of Health website: