Explanation For Clarifying Periodic Calculation


Periodic clarification procedure

According to the new rules published during the year in the Water Corporation’s Guidelines and Instructions relative to the scope and quality of services provided by the company to consumers, a consumer is entitled to request that the company clarify the billing for water consumption for any period no later than 30 days from the date of payment appearing on the periodic bill, should the consumer feel that the periodic bill has been erroneously calculated.

The following are the stages by which the consumer can request the clarification as defined by legislature:

  1. The resident must lodge a clarification request based on the formulation defined in the rules (attached).
  2. Once the company receives this request, it must carry out several checks and authentications in accordance with data registered on the company’s computers including the date of the meter’s installation, whether the calculation is based on a reading or an estimation, and so on.
  3. The company must advise the consumer in writing within 14 business days from receipt of the consumer’s request to clarify the details of the results of its clarification and the actions taken as a result.
  4. The consumer is entitled to demand that the company, within 21 days from receipt of the company’s results and subject to payment of the fee for conducting an additional clarification (being NIS. 156.67 for a standard ¾” domestic water meter and NIS. 424.70 for a large ¾” water meter) to implement additional checks (including checking onsite and crosschecking, meter installation quality assurance, and more).
  5. In accordance with these rules, the company must advise the consumer in writing within 21 business days from receipt of the request to execute further clarification and after payment of the fee, of the results of these onsite tests and actions conducted as a result. The consumer maintains the right to appeal the test findings with the Water Authority.

The rules define the cases where the additional test fees will be returned (which, in principle, is any case where the water corporation is responsible for an irregular meter reading).

For your convenience, the request for clarification form for water consumption is attached.

The request form and appropriate documents should be sent to “Mei Raanana Ltd.” in one of the following ways:

Via email to water@mei-raanana.co.il

Via post: Mei Raanana, POB 99, Raanana 43100

Via fax: 072-2772770