As part of its regular activity, Mei Raanana washes the municipal sewage lines, due to the improper usage of the sewage system.  Wet wipes, papers and plants enter the sewage system and cause blockages and damage.

Help us provide you with a properly working and efficient sewage system!

How can you help protect the municipal sewage lines?  Here are some tips:  

  • The toilet is not a garbage can!  Do not discard paper, newspapers and other objects that are not quickly degradable (such as ear swabs, cotton balls, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers).
  • Discarding a very large amount of toilet paper in the toilet can harm the system.
  • Do not discard wet wipes in the toilet!  They accumulate and clog the sewage pipe.  Wet wipes that claim to be disposable and discarded in the toilet do not break down in the water like toilet paper and therefore clog the pipe and can cause damage!
  • Therefore, Mei Raanana has adopted the position of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, namely to discard wet wipes in the garbage.  Any other manner of discarding them will hurt the domestic, municipal and national sewage system.
  • Plants can also damage the pipes.  Neglecting plants in your yard or improper planting of trees and bushes can lead to their roots blocking and harming the pipes.  Therefore, please be cognizant of this subject.
  • Is there a bad odor in your home?  This may indicate a blockage or damage to the sewage pipe.
  • Contact a professional to repair your sewage pipes.  Laying pipes in a manner that does not meet the standard or on an incorrect incline, etc. May cause problems and damage to the pipes.

Your proper attention to the sewage system will help us provide you with a high quality sewage system, which will meet all the municipal needs.  

Have you encountered a problem in the sewage system?  Contact us:

Emergency phone number to report water and sewage malfunctions, 24/7 (free from land lines):  1-801-227-227, ext. 2 or call the 107 Municipal Call Center.