Management Members


Elad Navon, CPA - CFO and VP Personnel

Responsible for the Finance Department and Billing and Water Consumerism Departments, working with Raanana residents.  Responsible for water and sewage payments collection.  Financial management based on regulatory instructions, ensuring proper management.  Handling of all aspects of the company’s personnel.


 Michal Schwartzbard-Biton - Director of Customer Service, Water Consumerism and Collection 

Mei Raanana Ltd. is a professional corporation that provides water and sewage services for the city’s residents.  As a corporation, first and foremost, we consider our job to provide services to residents.   Using the knowledge and experience we have amassed, we believe that we can provide professional, reliable and high quality service.  Providing accessible and clear information to the company’s customers is a significant part of providing quality service.  Consequently, we offer you a variety of convenient options for contacting us regarding any subject.  Our call centers are manned by skilled and professional service staff members who have undergone training and they will provide you with professional answers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Itay Dolinsky - Director of the Wastewater Treatment Center 

Mei Raanana’s Wastewater Treatment Center is a sophisticated biotechnological plant engaged in protecting natural resources and recycling.   All of Raanana’s sewage is collected and serves as raw material, which is broken down and turned into high quality purified treated wastewater and sludge that is processed into compost that is used for agricultural fertilizer.  The center is operated and maintained by 7 employees with the assistance of a state-of-the-art computerized command and control system.  



  Natalia Barusa - Planning and Execution Engineer  

My responsibilities include authorization of building permits, evaluating sanitation plans, review and authorization of Form 4, coordinating water and sewage infrastructure systems with external parties, meeting with the public:  resident inquiries and installation planners, contractors, etc.  Updating changes in the municipal water and sewage network on the GIS system and receiving as-made plans from contractors and people in the field and preparing plans based on information from the field and master plans for changing municipal water and sewage lines.




  Oleg Yudelvitz -  Operations Director 

אResponsible for handling the call center inquiries (problems in the municipal water and sewage systems), operation and maintenance of the municipal water and sewage network.  Management of the corporation’s field employees, operation of the facilities, supervision of projects and contractors who maintain the network, water meter installers, and contact with customer service.  Field coordination for contractors and external companies that execute the work citywide.  Authorization of the Form 4 evaluation in the field - execution of work according to the plan authorizations.