Management Members

Adi Baranes, Accountant. VP Finances & Human Resources

The Finances Department is responsible, first and foremost, for fiscal reports, the Board’s reports, and the organization’s budget. The Finances Department’s goal is to preserve the organization’s assets and supervise the fiscal aspects of implementing the organization’s investments. As such, the department conducts audits of reliability and professionalism in all the organization’s areas of activity: customers and fee collection, suppliers, payments to institutions, employees, and cash flow. The department is additionally responsible for nurturing the organization’s human capital, ensuring their wellbeing and professional advancement. The Finances Department operates with full transparency and publishes reports on the website in accordance with Standards requirements.


Amir Haj-Yihya, VP Engineering

Education: BA in Civil Engineering and MA in Environmental Engineering from the Technion, Haifa. M.Sc from Ben Gurion University in Safety Engineering and Management. Previous roles: Chief Engineer of the Ramat Gan Water Corporation. Project Planning manager at Tahal (Israel Water Planning) – Mekorot Division. Water and sewage engineering at engineering offices. Current position and areas of responsibility: VP Engineering, management of the organization’s engineering fields and responsible for all aspects of engineering in general; project planning, oversight and development; identifying and resolving engineering problematics; initiating and embedding annual investment plans; ensuring water quality and ongoing supply to residents; proper sewage disposal; providing statutory permits, and more.


Itai Dolinsky, VP Operations

Mei Raanana is a unique corporation in that it addresses all currently available water and sewage services to the Raanana municipality. The Operations Department is responsible for operating and maintaining the city’s water and sewage installations and infrastructures. These include wells, treatment plants, reservoirs, water supply to residents, effluent discharge, and treatment and return of waste to nature through the effluent plant operated by Mei Raanana’s professional, devoted teams who work 24/7/365.

The Operations Department is responsible for emergency water supplies, protecting and securing its installations, conducting preemptive maintenance, ensuring proper operation of the water and sewage network infrastructures, and handling inquiries by Raanana’s residents and farmers.

The department promotes numerous technological projects in the fields of energy, environment, and media which have made it a spearhead among water and sewage corporations.


Michal Schwartzbard-Biton. Manager for Customer Services, Water Consumption, and Fee Collection.

Mei Raanana Ltd is a professional corporation providing diverse water and sewage services to the city’s residents. The corporation views itself first and foremost as a service provider which leverages and maximizes the knowledge and experience it has accrued. We believe in our ability to provide professional, reliable quality service in all areas of our activities. We make information clear and accessible to our customers as part of our drive for quality service, resulting in a range of options that enable you to contact us with any query in the manner you find most convenient. Our call centers are staffed by skilled and professional service operators who have been suitably trained and who will address your issue with professionalism.

Elad Amos. Effluent Treatment Plant Manager

Mei Raanana’s effluent treatment plant is a sophisticated biotech operation which places emphasis on nature preservation and recycling. Simply put, Raanana’s effluent is collected and treated to be recycled as raw materials. This involves high level purification of wastewater, and production of compost that serves as agricultural fertilizer. The plant is operated and maintained by a leading team of 7 employees and a cutting edge technological supervision and quality control system.



Natalya Brossa. Planning & Execution Engineer

The position includes responsibility for building permits, examining sanitary plans, checking and authorizing Form 4 applications, and coordinating water and sewage infrastructure systems with external parties. Contact with the public includes responding to residents, builders and plumbers, maintaining the GIS system that updates on changes in the municipal water and sewage network and reviewing as-made plans by constructors and field teams. Preparing investment plans based on information from the field and the overall plan for municipal water and sewage pipe renewals.


Ronen Michaeli. Operations Manager

The position includes responsibility for call center enquiries on water and sewage system malfunctions, operating and maintaining the water and sewage network, managing field teams, operating the corporation’s installations, supervision and quality assurance of maintenance contractors, and providing residents with service on all areas related to maintenance.