Message from the CEO


Dear Residents,

Welcome to Mei Raanana’s new website.  The new website was created to offer you a wide variety of information regarding our services and to save you precious time. 

Raanana’s water and sewage company was established in 2009, in order to promote and develop the city’s water and sewage infrastructure, while meeting high standards of quality and service for the benefit of the residents.

I am pleased to stand at the helm of a company that does not compromise on quality and professionalism, provides reliable and efficient service and works tirelessly to offer Israel’s best water and sewage services.  I hope you will make use of the system, and we would be happy to receive your insights and comments in order to improve our service.

Since the day the corporation was established, we have replaced Raanana’s old water and sewage infrastructure with a new citywide infrastructure.  We have built and upgraded sewage pumping stations, opened and improved the city’s Wastewater Treatment Center, we are in the midst of a process to put additional drinking water wells into use and have replaced all of the city’s water meters.

At Mei Raanana, we consider ourselves a significant part of the community and are very active in the community.  We initiate values-based educational activities at elementary and middle schools on subjects related to protecting water sources and the environment, we have installed taps at the city’s educational and public institutions, organized competitions among residents, etc.

We undertake to continue to assume an active role in the Raanana community and to professionally and efficiently work on your behalf with a focus on service; because our goal is to promote and empower the city and its residents.

Finally, I wish to thank the company’s board of directors and employees, who by adhering to the vision, goals and targets of the work plan, have led Mei Raanana Water Company to become the national leader, both in terms of the various quality parameters and in terms of the advanced and modern water and sewage management.

Sincerely yours,

Liat Leybovich, CPA