Message from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Residents,

Welcome to Mei Raanana’s new website, where you can access information regarding the water company, the various services and also make payments and receive updates, easily, conveniently and without leaving home.

The website is an additional stage in our vision regarding accessibility and service - Focusing on the Resident.

Mei Raanana Water Company considers itself a part of the diverse services offered to the city’s residents and business owners and it works in complete cooperation with the Raanana Municipality, which offers the highest quality of life to its residents.

In addition to our professional activity, 24/7, designed to improve and upgrade the infrastructure and maintain superior water quality, we also place an emphasis on providing excellent service to our customers.

We are committed to answer to every inquiry quickly and courteously, in order to constantly improve work processes and strengthen the relationship with the community and with you, through activities in the field of education of Raanana’s children and adolescents.

We will continue to manage the city’s water supply network and sewage system, improving conservation and efficiency, effectively planning the municipal water system and promoting environmental education and awareness, using leading Israeli and global state-of-the-art technologies in the field of water and infrastructure.

In order to continue to provide the best service to Raanana residents and supply excellent water and infrastructure to the city, we invite you to offer your insights, comments and suggestions for improvement.

We are at your service at any time and hope you enjoy Israel’s best and freshest drinking water. 

Sincerely yours,

Eitan Ginzburg, Adv.

Mei Raanana Water Company Chairman of the Board