Operating Hours During The Covid-19 Cyrsis


eception hours

In light of the Ministry of Health’s instructions during the Covid-19 crisis, the public will not be received from 15 March 2020 and on at the service center or in Mei Raanana offices until further notice.

We wish to remind you that you can receive service from home using our website www.mei-raanana.co.il.  Use the tab labeled , to find all your bills, conduct actions and open enquiries. Contact us free of charge at the call center: 1-801-227-227, press 2 for a service representative.

We also wish to emphasize the Water Authority’s notification that no connection exists between drinking water and sewage, to Covid-19. This means you do not have to purchase bottled water.

Israel’s water authority is continuing to operate as usual, nor are any disruptions to water supply anticipated as a result of the virus.

Should any changes occur that require instituting emergency guidelines, Mei Raanana is fully prepared for such situations.

At your service always.

Mei Raanana