Vision and Objectives

Vision and Company Objectives

The Corporation’s Vision

The Mei Raanana Water Company believes that the spirit of entrepreneurship and development, together with maintaining a high level of customer service will enable the company to serve as a role model for Israeli and international water companies and will facilitate the intelligent and efficient use of global water resources.  


The Company will operate on your behalf and for your benefit.

The Company will upgrade the water and sewage infrastructure and services, while listening to consumers and to our customers’ requests, providing them with  appropriate solutions.

The Company will effectively develop and operate the city’s water and sewage network, while mapping the interfaces with the municipality and the other local authorities neighboring Raanana.

The Company will provide Raanana residents with reliable service, ensuring the supply of high quality water and sewage and drainage infrastructure based on the present and future needs of the city.

The Company will promote unique projects, while continually safeguarding the public’s natural resource - water. 



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