Water Quality Reports


Water Quality:

About 200 kilometers of subterranean pipeline is spread out across the city, which supplies over six and a half million cubic meters of water to some 80,000 Raanana residents, for their personal use and for agricultural and industrial needs.  Most of this water comes from the 8 wells spread out across the city.  The remainder of the water is supplied by Mekorot Israel’s National Water Company.

Monitoring the Integrity of the Water System:

With the help of a sophisticated wireless water control system, Mei Raanana’s employees conduct regular monitoring of the integrity of Raanana’s water system, including the water levels in the 7 storage pools, the pressure in the water system, the amount of water produced in each individual well, the quality of the water  and the functioning of the water disinfection system.

The Bacterial Sampling of the Water

Each year, the Mei Raanana Water Company and the Ministry of Health prepare a detailed plan for sampling the city’s water, in order to assess whether it meets the bacterial quality standards for water supplied to the municipal network.  The plan determines the sampling points in the water supply system and the various water facilities, from which samples are taken at intervals that will reliably represent the city’s water system distribution.  The water samplings are conducted in various areas of the city, and particularly in sensitive points, such as near preschools, elementary schools, etc.  There are 30 sampling points distributed throughout the municipal water system, from which an authorized sampling technician takes samples according to the plan, and transfers them to the Ministry of Health’s water laboratory.  Results of the tests are transferred directly to the Ministry of Health and Mei Raanana for follow-up.

Chemical Sampling of the Water

In addition to the bacterial sampling, periodic samplings of the chemical components that provide the water its taste and influence its taste are also conducted.   Note that in the event that a borderline quantity of pollutant is detected, the wells are closed or the well water is sent for treatment to remove the pollutant or the water is mixed using computer-controlled feeder pipelines, with the authorization and supervision of the Ministry of Health.  Water flows in to the supply network according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health - “Sanitation Quality of the Drinking Water”.


How Do We Protect the Quality of Our Water?

Mei Raanana takes many steps to protect the water sources and the water system and to prevent the penetration of microbial or chemical pollutants.  Of special mention are the cleaning and disinfecting of all the water reservoirs and towers that are conducted once every two years, the sealing of the leaky sewage lines and closing of the cesspits.

It is also important that you, as water consumers, are aware of the importance of preventing contamination on your property.  Ensure that there are no cracks or breaks in the private sewage system in your yard, which may allow for leakages of sewage into the ground, and thereby contaminating the groundwater.

The multi-annual plan to replace water lines

In order to protect the quality of the water that flows in the subterranean pipeline and to prevent water from leaking from the pipeline, we work according to a multi-annual plan to replace old water pipelines with new ones.  We make an effort to execute this work quickly and efficiently and try to minimize any inconvenience you may be caused.  Notifications of scheduled work appear in the local press and notifications are sent to all the residents who are likely to experience disruptions in their water supply.  In cases of emergency work, an announcement is made by loud speaker.  If questions, problems or suggestions arise, you are invited to contact the Municipal Moked 107 Information Call Center, and Mei Raanana employees will do their utmost to assist you.