The supply of water to the city and water sources:

About 60% of the total water consumption in Raanana is supplied by 8 wells (owned by Mei Raanana) spread out across the city.  The remaining 40% is supplied by Mekorot  - Israel’s National Water Company.  The amount of water that is permitted to be drawn from the city’s system of wells is dictated by the Water Authority, which allocates each local authority to pump a controlled amount of water, in order to protect the water sources, which are a valuable national resource and to prevent a shortage of water in the coming years.


The water supply is controlled by a computerized control system that allows for the continuous monitoring of the amount of water at each point in the network.  This water is collected in 7 water reservoirs, with a total volume of approximately 20,000 cubic meters and two water towers (the symbol of the city of Raanana) ensure uniform pressure across the city.  2 out of the 10 wells provide water for agricultural irrigation needs only.


The well water is drawn from a depth of 50 to 100 meters from the Pleistocene coastal aquifer, which is a subterranean water reservoir that stretches across the coastal plain.  Above this aquifer lives a densely populated population with urban development, agriculture and industry that all constitute potential sources of contamination and potential damage to the quality of the groundwater.  Therefore, and in order to ensure that consumers are supplied with water that meets the exacting standards of the Ministry of Health, strict monitoring and control of the quality of the water are conducted.





The world’s natural resources are dwindling, and the process of global warming cause extreme weather conditions and increasingly less precipitation to fall in extensive areas; and consequently, this leads to water crises.  During the the past seven years, Israel has suffered from drought conditions, which have led to a profound water crisis.  The water crisis, the change in the government’s policy and the price increase, have all led to an increased awareness among residents as to the importance of a more economical and efficient use of water, and to the establishment of water desalination plants to ensure the supply of water in the future.

Protecting natural resources through the efficient use of water and water conservation, as well as a reduction in the use of energy (energy efficiency), constitute important goals for Mei Raanana; but of no less importance, is maintaining the quality of the water by preventing the contamination of the groundwater, which we pump and supply the water to the city’s residents.

Mei Raanana Water Company is committed to continually protect the country’s natural resources.  To this end, we take steps, in various areas of the Mei Raanana Water Company ’s activity, to reduce our energy consumption, to protect Raanana’s water industry and to serve as an example in this field for other cities.

Mei Raanana Water Company works to ensure better energy efficiency in pumping water, in order to reduce the use of electricity.   We are searching for new technologies for the removal of  nitrates in Raanana’s wells, in order to ensure a more comprehensive use of this available resource.