Message from the Mayor


Dear residents,

Water, the source of life, is the basis of our existence and one of humanity’s most important natural resources. We are committed to preserving the environment we live in and recognize the value of this resource. The municipality of Raanana cooperates fully with the Mei Raanana Corporation towards ensuring optimal urban infrastructures providing a constant flow of water for human consumption and other purposes.

Mei Raanana is one of Israel’s top corporations.

We share a joint objective: to provide residents, water consumers and businesses in the city with the best service possible as far as new infrastructures, maintaining existing infrastructures, water quality, and constant supply.

The Mei Raanana website offers accessibility to important information and diverse digital services for your convenience relative to water consumption. The website promotes transparency in accordance with municipal policy which views residents’ needs as top priority.

My thanks to the Mei Raanana Corporation, and particularly its CEO, Liat Leybovich and the Board, for their ongoing productive cooperation which ensures uncompromised water quality and availability as well as excellent service for the city’s population.

Best wishes,


Haim Broyde

Mayor of Raanana