Water Security                        

Every day, the Mei Raanana Water Company works to protect the integrity of the water and sewage system for the welfare of the residents.  Together with the ongoing activity necessary for the optimal routine operation, there is also a need to focus on operation during a state of emergency.  Mei Raanana’s responsibility to supply water to the residents is a heavy burden.  The water and sewage systems are vulnerable to attack, including the infrastructure systems for the conveyance of water and sewage.

A shortage of water, even for a few hours, may be detrimental to the older populations, people with disabilities and young children.  In addition, being cut-off from water supply affects the morale of the general population.

In order to safeguard the optimal operation even in times of crises and unexpected events, Mei Raanana, together with the Raanana Municipality has created a plan of action for emergency situations.  Mei Raanana Water Company has appointed staff to deal with these situations.  The emergency teams are regularly trained using simulations of real situations, using specific equipment that meet the standards that is ready for use at any time.   The location of the emergency water distribution stations will be posted on the Mei Raanana Water Company website, the municipal website and in the media.

Emergency Water Safety Supervisor

Ronen Michaeli, State of Emergency Supervisor

Mei Raanana Water Company

Tel:  052-6857444


Sewage in a state of emergency

A disruption in the water supply, resulting from a state of emergency, starting with level 3, directly impacts the sewage system, because this system is dependent upon the regular and proper operation of the water system.  Moreover, direct attacks on the sewage system, such as damage to the pipes or the pumping stations and sewages plants may occur.   Consequently, there will be problems in removal of the wastewater, a slowdown in the regular water flow and faulty drainage that leads to flooding.  In this situation, Mei Raanana is prepared to offer professional, responsible, quick and efficient solutions to damages that may have been created in the sewage system in a state of emergency.

Home Sanitation Kit:  We recommend obtaining this kit that will be helpful in a state of emergency in which the sewage system is not working properly or if the quantity of water that is allotted is solely for drinking.  The kit should be kept in the Residential Secure Space (MAMAD) or any other accessible place that is dry and cool.  Ensure that all family members are aware of the kit’s location. 

The kit includes: a package of wet wipes, antibacterial disinfectant gel, disposable paper goods, paper towels, garbage bags and sanitation bags (may be purchased online).  These items will help you maintain personal and environmental hygiene in a state of emergency.